JiRui Precision Hardware Co., Ltd.
Address:Floor 4, Blk. 2, Xinke Cheng Industrial Park, No. 51
Dabao Rd., Baoan Dist., Shenzhen, Guangdong, China (Mainland)
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Shenzhen JiRui Precision Hardware co., Ltd is a professional design, production and sales all kinds of trash business. Factory, founded in 2001, through continuous improvement production management, the introduction of advanced production equipment, expand production scale, has developed into a large-scale manufacturer of professional trash. The factory has all kinds of metal processing equipment, such as shearing machine, bending machine, bending machine, CNC lathe, boring machine, drilling machine, sub-arc welding machines, saws and other professional production of stainless steel, copper, wood, steel and stone structure, electrolytic plate various types of spray indoor and outdoor trash can, nearly 800 kinds of varieties, has become Asia's largest suppliers of professional production of trash. Stainless steel trash can, a variety of indoor and outdoor trash metal spray, suitable for office buildings, shopping centers, outdoor gardens, residential, senior housing; outdoor garden wooden garbage bin, garbage bin, outdoor wood garden wood, suitable for high-end residential, parks , municipal roads; stainless steel (titanium) and copper wood marble ashtrays bins for offices, hotel lobbies, restaurants and high-end entertainment; addition, the company can be customized according to sample design, prototype production. The main products are: stainless steel trash can, plastic trash can, trash wood, ceramics trash series.