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Implementation of waste separation have the effect of "real-name system"?

In the 1960s, Japan garbage incineration of all, triggering a strong public concerns; Since then, the government turned to garbage classification, garbage reduction, incineration plants by 6000 to more than a thousand. Beam empty crack "junk Besieged City", implementation of waste separation, kitchen garbage to return to the land of plastic waste recycling, good source of "subtraction", which is the lowest overall cost, the most in line with the sustainable development of new ways. At the same time, he also acknowledged that this work difficult to carry out. "Let the people to change long-standing habits have been hard enough garbage classification carried out also showed physics 'entangled state' has begun classification because the classification change the habit, and recurrent only when the society to reach consensus in order to avoid a partial invalid. "Zhang said beam empty, waste separation and other things are not the same, everyone must attend to the job, and can not be purchased by the government or corporate service."