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Guangzhou Administration Committee pilot plan in the first half of this year garbage metering and charging

 Beginning last year, Guangzhou has repeatedly heard the garbage according to the amount of fees may be started in 2014. Yesterday's forum and Bowlen Army, chief engineer of the City Management Committee revealed to be in the last year in the first half of this year to carry out waste separation pilot Area to carry out the garbage metering and charging pilot. It is understood that the residents refuse charged according to the amount of two modes: one is to buy special garbage bags, the other is with the water tariff, Guangzhou which mode it? The Bowlen military yet determined, "selected for this year, the garbage fee according to the amount of charges Area needs to be carefully chosen, if the implementation of the garbage fee charged at bags, practical ideas should be carried out first designed bag put in, and then transition to a fixed time for garbage lay the foundation after the implementation of the bag measurement.