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Your home trash hidden bacteria?

 The trash every family is essential, it all year round and we discarded garbage company of things, both dirty and messy, may also exudes a bad taste, so people are always for the trash like it or not, simply from How far from far.

However, the trash is necessary in our lives, no one filled with something dirty garbage then mess everywhere. In the end to how to use the trash in line with the health principles of our health?


To accept a wide variety of waste, trash every day surrounded by bacteria, viruses, mold, thereby polluting an indoor environment, and therefore a highly filth bacteria fossa. In an interview with reporters, home health experts pointed out that in order to ensure that home health, trash should pay special attention to the selection, placement and clean.


First of all, in the purchase of the trash, try to choose the stainless steel and bamboo weaving material. Currently on the market some trash plastic material source is unclear, may be with some radioactive substances or harmful volatile substances, there are some health risks, but the stainless steel and bamboo not only few such problems, and also easy to clean. In addition, smaller trash can encourage people to wash out the trash, shorten the breeding of germs.


Secondly, placed in trash put two is enough. Put too much of space, both the proportion of added pollution, general kitchen, living room and put on a can. Toilet flushing function better, and after toilet paper can be washed away with flushing water, no need to put the trash.


If you feel that it is not convenient, you can put a small trash can with a lid. The trash also on well-ventilated place, in order to disperse the smell of garbage generated in a timely manner. Editors: curtains will also become a depletion of health "killer"?


Market there are two trash lid and lid. Kitchen garbage with water, fugitive odor, and the best selection lid. Trash shall drain to the water seal at any time.


Lid trash can put some dry, does not smell of garbage, suitable for bedroom or living room. Dry waste, waste batteries, waste fluorescent tubes, wastewater silver thermometer, expired drugs and other hazardous waste, dispensing and sealing.


Finally, since the garbage bags will be damaged, trash pollution, so it would be best cleaned once a day. Use cleaning brush crevice brush, preferably with 84 disinfectant to eliminate a poison, and finally rinse dry.


The smell of the place for trash:


Hot weather, often home trash the emission of odor, so the room air is not fresh enough. Just a little brains, the smell of the trash will be able to get rid of.


The bottom of the trash is covered with a layer of newspaper on the newspaper two or three packages of desiccant, desiccant can absorb moisture in the waste, water waste will not be able to evaporate the smell.


Find some stockings worn inside some charcoal made of carbon package and put it on the lid of the trash, or carbon package with tape stuck to them. Charcoal deodorizing effect, the use of these two measures, the trash is no longer a home source of the bad smell.